General Information

Thank you for showing interest in IOST’s Summer Book Club. Join us this summer on Saturdays from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM as we read and discuss different books.

The book club is free and open to all Muslims. If you would like to join, please register by clicking the button above and stop by any of the sessions.

When: Saturdays 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM 

Where: IOST Masjid Women’s Social Hall

Who: Boys & Girls Ages 7-12

What: Reading Books!

Our Instructors!

Sister Noor Nazar is currently a sophomore at Binghamton University. As an avid reader of books, she loves to read and teach children. She is currently pursuing a degree in accounting while teaching students Qur’an and Islamic Studies at IOST Masjid’s evening program, Iqra Academy. She is also a Hafiza of the Qur’an.
Sister Saima Khan is currently a junior at Binghamton University where she is studying biology. She plans to go to med school in the future. As a book worm when she was young, she can’t wait to mentor and guide children as they go on their journey in reading books!
Sister Mahum Nazar is the youngest of the Book Club instructors. Just finished with Johnson City High School, Mahum will be attending Binghamton University in the fall. She is the younger sister of Noor Nazar, and also is a hafiz of the Qur’an. We are very excited to have Sister Mahum join our Book Club team!

What’s so special about IOST’s Book Club?

  • The Book Club is complete FREE! All Muslims are welcome to join. Registration is mandatory.
  • A long list of high quality Islamic material will be read together in class and outside of class.
  • Every type of genre will be read and discussed! Action, thriller, mystery, horror, poetry, classic, sci-fi, adventure, fantasy, current events, comedy, suspense, tragedy, and more! Both fiction and non-fiction will be discussed!
  • Invincible Abdullah, Muslim Girl, Furqan, and other best sellers will be read and discussed in the sessions.
  • Carefully chosen and hard working staff!

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What do we hope to accomplish through the Book Club?

IOST Masjid is proud to announce this new initiative. When sitting down to plan such a project, our team decided on a long list of goals (vocabulary enhancement, critical thinking, forming unbiased opinions- checking bias and non-bias, familiarity with literature and literary devices, respecting opinion, fostering reading habits, and making children enjoy reading, etc.) which we hope to accomplish and pursue through our Book Club.

Currently planned just for the summer of 2016 (June 25 to September 3), the Book Club will inshallah empower our youth to become leaders of tomorrow. During the summer, many children stay home and do not read books consistently unlike the school year. By having the Book Club at the masjid with different activities built in, we hope to make reading an enjoyable experience for children, while learning to love the masjid and have fun in a enriching environment.


Don't Miss out on the Book Club!

IOST Masjid is introducing a new initiative, the Book Club. Children ages 7-12 will gather once a week at the masjid and read books and discuss some of the things they learned. Vocabulary enhancement, critical thinking, and other important lessons and skills will be taught. Don’t miss out on this exciting new project by IOST.